Joe Garmston; 21 year old blogger.
Be brave, Even if you're not. Success is getting what you want. Happiness is liking what you get. Photography Student in Leeds; Art.
World Leader, Biscuit Eater. Daisy chains, Fresh air & tea leaves.

influence; process; decision; effect.
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My tutor E-mailed us asking us if we would like to submit an image on behalf of a college exhibition and I’ve decided to send in this picture of Viki Bennett . eeeeeek. nervs. 

Never!! (: °o° 

I’m so happy the girlies like their new toy fighting over it hehe 😍 proud parents 🐭🐹

I didn’t choose the daisy life. The daisy life chose me 😂


Freda Kahlo & Her Pet Deer
Spring nights 👌🌑🌌

April 2nd 2014: Leaving the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

Elisabeth Erm by Camilla Akrans for Dior #5 Spring 2014